I think purple is often ignored. Color palettes associated with seasons rarely ever seem to give purple a chance and it's rare that you find someone besides a tween that swears by the color purple. Hopefully this roundup changes a few minds and helps to have more of us embrace hues of lavender, violet, & plum!

Shown above:
1. Clarity Multi Color Glass Tables, ABC Home, $2,495
2. All Square Purple Tiles, FLOR, $14.99 p/tile
3. Artista Multi Color Embroidery Throw Pillow, Rosenberry Rooms, $172
4. Crystal Dining Chair, Amethyst, $199
5. Purple Feather Print Chaise Lounge Chair, Etsy, $804
6. Eight Hole Tufted Twin Headboard, KMart, $199
7. Vidrio Glass Table Lamp, World Market, $39.98
8. Junior Templeton Chair, Jonathan Adler, $1,095
9. Striped Kilim Sofa, Anthropologie, $2,498