Purple is a big color in fashion for the fall, so naturally, all the big shelter stores are producing new items in its various shades. Unfortunately for me, I just don't get purple, and I've discovered that I am not the only one. So, in a quest for personal growth, I sought out some purple items for the home that actually look great.

  1. The Tints Table by Jason Miller has a colored top inspired by the muted hues of aviator sunglass lenses.
  2. Woods Wallpaper is already a modern classic, but it's available in colors beyond the standard black-and-white.
  3. The iconic Alvar Aalto Collection Vase was originally designed in 1936 by the famed architect to mimic the motion of the Finnish coastline.
  4. These playful Goldfish Coasters are handmade by Sesame Letterpress in Brooklyn.
  5. The 520 C Mug has a vibrant Pantone color printed onto fine china, and comes in a whole range of non-purple.
  6. This Kettle Purple Classic Desk Phone looks retro but still has modern functionality.
  7. The Colorwave Lilac set of simple everyday dishwear features an exterior with a dusty shade of purple.
  8. Legendary fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg created the Spiral Hearts Rug for The Rug Company.
  9. So the Juice Xe6 may not be a decor item, but its 18 tools will help you do anything in your home.
  10. This purple Velvet Drape feels super luxurious in any room.