Push Your Style: Steal These Striking Design Element Ideas

A home bursting with personality tends to be a blast to live in (and certainly more interesting to be surrounded by). If you're always on the lookout for novel or out-of-the-ordinary decorating ideas, enjoy these nine ideas that might spark inspiration for you today!

Pictured above: A full-wall photo mural is a way to make a huge impact in a space. This one spotted in a very tiny but awesome studio on my paradissi.

Fill a tabletop up entirely with a set of earthy, striking pottery, some with floral arrangements or plants in them, for one stunning and eye-catching table top vignette. Inspiration spotted on Anna Gillar.

A striking design element doesn't have to be huge or loudly colored; this hanging round shelf with a light display of decorative items catches attention but doesn't scream for it. Seen on Design Love Fest.

This display of over-size vintage items happens to be nautical themed, but anything old and hang-able could make for a stunning wall collage. Seen on Design*Sponge.

This ceiling display spotted on Design*Sponge is actually an art installation, but we think it could be an update to the hanging ceiling cluster of paper lanterns, instead using the textural, macrame and natural fiber wall hanging trend so popular today.

This is a whole-weekend project, but isn't this colorful, 3D pixelated wall seen on East Coast Creative something else?

We're always telling you to watch your proportions when adding new design elements into a space, but sometimes breaking the rules and going too big with lighting looks real good. My Scandinavian Home features a great example.

This wood DIY honeycomb pattern was used over a mantel, but this idea would be striking on just about any vertical surface in a home; Seen on East Coast Creative.

Not exactly new or novel, but this angled black painted accent wall in this house spotted on sfgirlbybay is the very definition of striking!

What's a striking design detail you've incorporated into your home to add more interest and personality to it? Let us know in the comments below!

(Image credits: my paradissi; Anna Gillar; Design Love Fest; Design*Sponge; Design*Sponge; East Coast Creative; My Scandinavian Home; East Coast Creative; sfgirlbybay)