Put a Bear On It: Ursus Roundup

Put a Bear On It: Ursus Roundup

Andie Powers
Sep 13, 2012

The other day, my mother happened to spy a young black bear while looking through her binoculars to the other side of the river that they live on in Colorado. She watched it for a while until it ran off into the woods. Bears really are beautiful animals, and have been woven into myth, children's stories, and decor for centuries. The bear sighting story set me off on a trail into the technological woods (so to speak) to see what types of bear-y cool designs I could find.

1. Not quite the real thing, but close enough. Check out this Gummy Bear Light, available at Urban Outfitters for $30. A super quirky piece, maybe for a children's room?

2. I have this one hanging in my house (the first edition). The brilliant Red Bear Print, 2nd Edition by Banquet Workshop, $60.

3. Another favorite from Portland designer Ryan Berkley Illustration. The Bee Bear, 5x7 print, $10.

4. A handmade gem: take a look at this Woodblock Bear plush, available on Etsy, $16.50.

5. A paper weight? An office pal? The wooden Bear by Enormous Champion in natural, $60.

(Images: as linked above.)

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