(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
With all the time spent sitting in an office space, be it in a home office or otherwise, why not add a few items that help make the space feel less like work and more like home? Replacing a standard tape holder with an eye catching gold version or swapping out a standard waste basket with a brightly colored one will do wonders for the ambiance of your office. Adding in extra seating in an unexpected form or a cheerful sunflower hued lamp brings a bit of the warmth of home into the office.

1. Jennifer Sanchez Archival Print, 20x200.com
2. Geo Brass Paperweight, Indigo
3. El Caso Tape Dispenser, On The Fly
4. Paprika Pouf , Pure Home
5. Wire Trash Can , Urban Outfitters
6. Truman Table Lamp in Sunflower, High Street Market
7. Mondial Lus™ for Top Hat Pushpins, Madewell
8. Ceramic Drink Dispenser, Classic Hostess

(Images: As credited above)