Putting Your Stamp On It: Budget, DIY Accent Wall for the Nursery

Kate and her husband were preparing a travel-inspired nursery for their daughter Dasha and decided to make an accent wall. Not only is it DIY, it's very budget-friendly and only took them about 5 hours to complete.

Kate describes the project which is easily reproducible with stamps of any theme or motif you like:

We used 3 rubber stamps ('postcard', 'bicycle' and one of the basic pattern) and acrylic paint in 3 colors from the room color palette (green, brown and bronze). 5 hours of stamping and voilĂ , the wall is ready. It mostly resembles wallpaper but in a lighter and transparent way. Our daughter really likes exploring patterns and pointing details in the wall.

Thanks for sharing, Kate! Readers, find Kate at her blog Jaune.

(Image credits: Kate of Jaune)

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