Puzzlepalooza: Wooden Puzzles for Kids (or Kids at Heart)

I love wooden puzzles — maybe it's because they're a bit more durable than the cardboard kind… a toddler's mouth can do a number on a cardboard puzzle in no time! Here are some handsome handmade puzzles that range from easy peasy to quite a bit more tricky.

1. Sphere puzzle from Siam Collection

2. Six Puzzle Set from Siam Collection

3. Alphabet Tree puzzle from PuzzledOne

4. Elephant puzzle from Little Wooden Wonders

5. Interlace Diamond puzzle from puzzlemist

6. Wooden Boat puzzle from A Summer Afternoon

7. Pile of Pigs puzzle from Puzzimals

8. Dinosaur Dilemma puzzle from David Janelle

(Images: as credited above)

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