Playful Toy Storage: Meet "Quackie"

On paper, the idea of duck-inspired furniture sounds, well, terrible and not an idea anyone should pursue. But when I laid eyes on Quackie, I started to quack another tune.

"Quackie" was dreamed up a few years ago by the team at e-glue, a French company specializing in kids' wall graphics, and now they're putting the word out that they're looking for a manufacturer. They envision it as toy storage though it certainly could be used to hold something else. We look for longevity in furniture and "Quackie" just might be able to outlast your child's young years. In fact, if we told you this piece was named "Doug" you might not even make the duck connection.

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(Image: 3D rendering by Vincent Salasombath for e-glue)

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