(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
No space for a garden? Got some space but cant access the dirt? Maybe a Quadrant Garden would tickle your garden fancy? These flat packed gardens are smartly constructed, affordable and come in a handful of sizes. While we love the look of our veranda of pot plants, it is very tempting to upgrade to something that uses the space much more efficiently.

We saw these over the weekend at Design Made Trade as part of the State of Design festival. They're made from 'double-walled, geotextile fabric', impressive yes? Basically it means the water drains out while keeping all the good soil and nutrients in. Also, they are packaged really smartly so they are easy to transport. The Quadrant Garden comes in 3 sizes from 60 x 60cm [23 x23 inches], 90 x 90 [35 x 35 inches ] and 120 x 120 cm [47 x 47 inches] and are available from Kif and Katast.