While recently shopping for major upholstered furnishings, we had reason to really start paying attention to upholstery labels and what they mean. Which brought us to a document entitled Selecting Upholstered Furniture. The document ends with an incredibly handy quality checklist on sleeper sofas, part of which we share here:

The checklist, created by Dr. Leona Hawks of Utah State University, includes these important points:

  • Did you test the mattress of the sleeper sofa for comfort?
  • Do the legs of the sleeper sofa have protectors or rounded ends so the floor is not damaged?
  • When the sleeper is pulled out, does it lock into position?
  • Does the mechanism of the sleeper sofa work easily, smoothly, and quietly?

Answering "yes" to these plus six other questions assures you of getting a high-quality sleeper sofa. See the full checklist on the last page of this PDF.

What would you add to this checklist for selecting a quality sleeper sofa?

Image: Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan/Maxwell's Modern Sleeper Sofa & Sofa Bed Reviews