Queens Rowhouse

The New York Times 5.11.08

Did you all see Kermit at our Small Cool Meetup? He showed us his new product: Modern Hangups...

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Did everyone see the amazing renovation of the 1908 row house in Sunday's The New York Times? Kermit and Azadeh Westergaard's home in Ridgewood, Queens is a great example of how a simple approach can have dramatic results. The majority of the home features white walls and floors — allowing the natural light and sparse furnishings take center stage...

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The couple did the mjority of the work themselves and have recently started their own interior design business, made by two & co. For more pictures and the full story, see A ‘Farmhouse’ Near the L Train from the Real Estate section of The New York Times.

Images: Gabriele Stabile for The New York Times