Question Answered! Pink & Blue Bath Goes Geek

Remember this awesome pink and blue bathroom from a Good Question last fall? Well, after sifting through 60+ comments, Anne-Lise took the advice of those who told her to just go with the flow and embrace the zaniness. Follow the jump to see her "think geek" solution...

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Hi AT! I wanted to give you an update on my bathroom situation. I was going to go for one of the beautiful Marimekko shower curtains someone had recommended, or go all black and white. But I realized that there is absolutely nothing that could make this bathroom look respectable without renovating so I gave in to the flamingo/Elvis suggestions.

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I was a chemistry major in college, so it seemed appropriate to buy this periodic table shower curtain. I added pink towels, black bath mats, and my cotton balls, q-tips, brushes, and toothpaste are all stored in lab beakers and petri dishes. A graduated cylinder serves as a vase when I have fresh flowers around. Because the mirror is so low that I cannot see my head while standing at the sink, I purchased a chemistry lab-style stool where I sit as I get ready in the morning.

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I'm really happy with how everything turned out. I hardly notice that the bathroom is pink and blue anymore and I think the shower curtain actually pulls together all of the colors in this ridiculous space. My friends love the random orange windowsill, so I would never dare to paint it.

Thanks for all the helpful suggestions! Anne-Lise

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