(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

I'm a huge fan of Whole Living magazine, so each month I scour it for jewels of information and healthy living tips. When I read the article Cleaning House, I knew there were a few tidbits I would want to share with Re-Nest readers. It's that time of year. Spring cleaning has arrived. The following questions will help you rid your shelves and coffee table of clutter and determine how to deal with what remains.

Are you trying to determine whether an item is clutter? Or establish its value? If so, consider the following questions. They'll help you answer these questions and more.

Questions to Help You Decide: To Toss or Not to Toss?

  • Is it broken?
  • Should it be fixed?
  • Does it belong to someone else? If yes, return it!
  • Does it have negative associations?
  • Do you like it?
  • Does it have value? If it has negative associations or you don't like it but it has value, donate it!
  • Do you use it?
  • Do you use it regularly?
  • When was the last time you used it?
  • Again, does it have value? If it has value but you don't use it regularly, donate it! Or if it doesn't have value and you don't use it regularly, recycle or responsibly dispose of it!

(Image: Liz Fabry)