Quick Cork Dinner Party Tip

Just a quick little tabletop tip today that I saw at Pasanella & Son recently. At their beautiful wine shop in the South Street Seaport they not only display their wines, they place little display cards in front of bottles that range along the side of the shop. Cut into half-cut corks, I thought this would be an really nice way to do guest cards at a home cooked dinner (extra Ursula & Salmon pic below too).

Each cork yields two halves, which can then be slit on top. Cut a nice thick card, inscribe and then insert. Very simple and totally reusable for ever. Varying the corks, as well, will add character to your table setting.

>> Pasanella & Son

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And here's a little totally unrelated shot of Ursula kissing a salmon that Sara Kate cooked this past weekend. She not only loved the fish, she loved eating it. Neither Sara or I can remember being anything like this at three and a half!

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