Quick & Easy: Make Your Own Faux Billy Buttons

Quick & Easy: Make Your Own Faux Billy Buttons

Janel Laban
Jul 5, 2011

Craspedia, also known as Billy Buttons, are one of my all time favorite flowers. It was a treat to open the recent email from Tanya where she shared the link to her own DIY version which are just as charming as the real thing…

Slightly oversized, this stylized version of the always happy-making flowers just may be the first version of a "faux floral" that I wholeheartedly LIKE. Give it a go - this project looks to be a quick, easy way to add a little "permanent summer" to your space.

Check out the full photo step-by-step: DIY Felted Wool Billy Buttons | Dans le Townhouse

Thanks, Tanya!

Images: Tanya/Dans le Townhouse

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