Quick Tip: Chill Candles to Make Them Last Longer

So you're having a party and looking to set the mood with a little bit of candle light. They get the job done and bring something special to your environment, but sometimes they seem to burn through too quickly. Make them last longer with this simple tip.

Candles will last longer (almost 2X), if they are placed in the freezer for a day before using them. Chilling the wax gives it a bit longer before burning through and leaving you with an empty jar. For some candles this will also cause them to drip less and burn straight down without burning through the side of the candle.

Although this isn't a life altering tip, nice candles can be pricey and making them last a little longer might mean you get to purchase them in the first place, or purchase them more often, or possibly more like all those tables in the magazines that seem to be loaded up with flickering wicks!

Likewise, tossing them in the freezer when they've burnt through is a great way to remove the residual wax, as it should just pop right out!

Image: Flickr member FotoDawg licensed for use by Creative Commons