Quick Tip: Free and Easy Way To Safely Clean Earbuds

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I'm recovering from a cold, which is always a good time to remind myself to clean those things that never get disinfected. One of those things? My in-ear headphones. They go everywhere with me which means they pick up germs on the bus, at the gym and in the office.

My free and easy way to keep them clean? Those free hand sanitizing wipes you can pick up at restaurants, the front of supermarkets, and at the gym.

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I've starting packing three or four of them in my purse and once a week I try to remember to wipe down the buds as well as the cord. Make sure you don't get too much liquid in the buds to prevent damage. Also, if you have a silicon top on the bud, remove those and clean them separately.

If you don't have any of those freebie wipes on hand, you can also clean your headphones with this handy Apartment Therapy how-to, which uses common household items.

(Photo Credit: Peter via Flickr's Creative Commons and CleanWell.)

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