Quick Tip: Move Heavy Appliances with Windex

Charles & Hudson

Are you a chatter? I am. Give me 10 minutes with a total stranger and we'll be best friends. It doesn't matter who it is. The kid that comes to sell me popcorn on my doorstep, a neighbor from down the street or even repairmen that come into my home. The best part about the latter is the more friendly they are, the more helpful tips they share.

Did you know you can use Windex to move heavy, cumbersome appliances across the floor — true story.

Our fine friends over at Charles & Hudson are apparently a great deal like me. They've recently learned from their friendly delivery guys a sweet tip on moving a stacked washer and dryer around. Even if you don't have the same type of situation in your own home, at some point in time you'll move an appliance. It might be the washer so you can fish your pocket knife out from behind it, or possibly the stove to sweep. Moving things by yourself can be a little frustrating so try this quick tip — Windex.

Spraying a little Windex right in front of the feet means when you start to push it will slide with ease across your floor. It's an extra fabulous tip and might save you from having a friend come help move things. Make sure to check out more details on this trick over at Charles & Hudson.

Image: Charles & Hudson