Quick Tip: Remove Chewing Gum With Vodka

Gum and kids go hand in hand. They love it, parents often carry it and usually it's a good pairing — that is until it gets stuck in the rug and carpet. Even the most attentive child can slip up once in awhile and miss the trash can.

Although we don't usually suggest hitting the liquor cabinet in stressful situations, this time around, it's exactly the place to be!

Vodka is a magical substance, it can be used in many ways around the home but one of our favorite ways is in combination with rogue chewing gum. When I was 7 my Grandmother used a little vodka to get gum out of my hair after I fell asleep with it in my mouth. I never thought much about it until recently when the idea resurfaced in combination with carpet cleaning.

Gum in carpet is a tricky one. Many people use things like peanut butter or olive oil to get it out of your hair, but when it comes to your flooring, removing the stains those things can leave behind can be worse than the gum itself — enter vodka. Start by trimming away excess gum with a pair of scissors (using your fingers to pull on it will push it further into the fibers). Next, pour a little vodka over the remaining gum. It actually begins to dissolve it, thus releasing it's grip on the fibers of the rug. When used in combination with a soft cloth, it should pull free from your floor and leave things spot free.

It's a win win for everything involved. Your child gets off with a mild warning, you have your carpet back, and your carpet is happy to not have additional gunk or goop placed on it and while you steal a swig from the bottle, it's already dry from the evaporation of the alcohol! Awesome!

(Image: Flickr member upton licensed for use by Creative Commons)