Quick Tip: Use Oops! Paint as Primer

In the crazy rush of the holiday season, some of you might be taking on a few DIY projects during the long weekends or potential time away from work. If you happen to have any painting to do, remember this simple tip to potentially save you some serious cash.

Although many paints come with a primer built in to allow you to skip a coat of paint or two, some colors don't allow for such a luxury. If you're looking at having to buy a primer and a top coat, then make sure you check out the Oops! section first.

This Old House tells us that as long as it's the same type of paint (enamel, latex) is used and the color is lighter than your wall color, you can get away with saving a few bucks. So next time you see that 5 gallon bucket of seafoam green, don't turn your nose up at it, take it home and put it to use — under your paint!

Image: Flickr member wharman licensed for use by Creative Commons