Quick Tip: Use Plastic Wrap To Prevent Paint Skin

There are all sorts of inspiring paint projects across the internet these days and with the temperatures dropping a little, you might be considering opening your windows and tackling a few while the weather is nice. If your project doesn't use the entire can of paint, or takes more than one day to complete, do you know how to keep that icky layer of paint skin from forming?

Many painting projects can be completed in a single afternoon, but if you're painting something that requires multiple coats or you just don't have a full weekend to devote to your project and are tackling it over a few days, then you may end up with a layer of skin on the paint.

Although it's not an end-of-the-world type problem, it can cause a few hiccups when mixed into the rest of your paint. You never know what brush stroke or roller run will hold a small piece of that skin and you'll then have to pick it off the wall and go back over the space to get your finger prints out.

Instead, before placing the lid on your can of paint (no matter what size) place a single layer of plastic wrap on the surface of the paint. Touch the two together so no air gets in. This will help your paint stay smooth and creamy without the thick layer forming on top only to become a problem later on. It's as simple as that and it works great for paint that will sit in your garage for a year or in your hall closet until the end of the week when you can finish things up!

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Image: Faith Durand