Quick Tip: Use Steel Wool for Floors

Quick Tip: Use Steel Wool for Floors

Sarah Rae Smith
Aug 19, 2011

Whether you've lived in your house for years or just moved in, many wood floors have seen better days. It can be intimidating to think about restaining or coating them in their entirety, so why not just tackle the spots? Look no further than your tool chest or under your kitchen sink.

Martha Stewart's team of creative, crafty and clean people have suggested using steel wool to help banish small floor blemishes on the spot. Use a fine grade and press lightly. The results will yield a spot that's less unsightly and prettier floors.

Although many like the charm that age and years of use brings to floors, sometimes the stain isn't something you want to remember — like when Fido was too scared of the rain and thunder and didn't make it outside in time!

Image: Flickr member oskay licensed for use by Creative Commons

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