Quick Tip: Use Socks On Your Bed Frame

Even though we've posted a hundred-million-bajillion different ways to make your own headboard, that doesn't mean we've all gotten around to it. If you still just have your bed sitting on the boring metal bed frame, there's something you should be doing to protect your wall until you decide what headboard will grace your bedroom!

In the placed I've lived, a pair of socks over the years has been one of the best resources come move out day. Even though we've talked about all the different headboards to build, you see, I'm rather indecisive.

Instead, I've often ended up with a plain old bed frame without anything soft to rest my back on while reading in bed. If you're like me, there's one small step you can do to help protect your space and get back your full deposit come move out time. socks!

Simple socks placed over the ends of the frame where they meet the wall can keep them covered and avoid them scratching or scraping against the wall. Even the simple act of getting in and out of bed every day can cause your bed to shift, and this super quick trick can avoid any added work later on. Have you ever tried the sock method? Let us know in the comments below!

(Image: Flickr member bark licensed for use by Creative Commons)