Quick Tip: When Disassembling IKEA Furniture

Quick Tip: When Disassembling IKEA Furniture

Beth Zeigler
Jan 29, 2010

In our preparation for the movers this upcoming weekend, we decided to go ahead and disassemble our two pieces of IKEA furniture. But we first needed to find the assembly instructions so we could work backwards. A quick sort through our "home file" uncovered the instructions to our kitchen table--but the how-to guide for our HEMNES bed was not to be found.

Fortunately for us, IKEAFANS came to the rescue. After a quick search of the site, we had a PDF instruction manual for our IKEA bed. And while we could have probably figured out how to take it apart ourselves, we didn't want to waste time guessing which screw to loosen first. With a manual at our fingertips, all we had to do was work backwards to disassemble our furniture.

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(Image: IKEA)

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