Rabbit Fur Tea Cozy

Maxwell’s Daily Find 12.25.12

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Rabbit Fur Tea Cozy

• @ $24-$34
Bellocq Tea Atelier

I had the pleasure of visiting Bellocq's tea shop a week ago (during a driving snow) and, escaping from the cold, tucked into a few tea tastings, a stunning interior and this crazy, had-to-have-it tea accessory: a fur tea cozy. Made of rabbit fur from Spain where the rabbits are eaten and the fur is a byproduct (better than not eaten and just hunted for fur), it is lined inside with lovely fabric, has two buttons on either side to help it close up more snugly, and couldn't keep your tea warmer. It's like having your tea pot run wild on the counter.

This is not available in Bellocq's online store yet, so I may be causing problems, but these are so useful, beautiful and cool I couldn't resist. Email them and please forgive me. xo M

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