Living in the Watergate with Stan Kelly

Washington Spaces, Spring 2008

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We've long wondered what it would be like to live in the scandalous Watergate complex. Turned into condos a few years ago, the Watergate is located by the Potomac river and offers fantastic views of the city. Washington Spaces features the Watergate condo of local interior designer Stan Kelly, who was thrilled to make the infamous building his home. More photos, links, and info below the jump...

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All the walls in the Watergate are curved, which Stan Kelly tried to emphasize with his decor. He turned his outdoor space into a small English garden with rocks and paving stones that follow the curve of the Watergate balcony. The interior is decorated in whites, creams, cool grays, and the occasion dark painting or accessory, which seem to match the Watergate exterior and Stan's dog (in photos).

You can read an inteview with Stan Kelly and see more photos of his Watergate condo.

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- Rachael

[photos from Washington Spaces]

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