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Rachel and Dustin
Los Angeles, CA
Square Feet:
What I Love About My Small Home:
I love our beautiful teeny bathrooms with their impossibly tall ceilings and wooden beams! They are probably the smallest bathrooms with the tallest ceilings that I've ever seen, and they get amazing light (they have one window and one skylight each). I also love that we have outdoor space in the front yard, so we're able to throw our door and windows open to let the California sunshine in. The thing that I love the most about our small home, though, is that although it's technically an apartment, we're able to make changes and paint it. During 10 years of renting, I longed to have a place that wasn't off-white with white trim and hideous carpeting. (Don't make fun of me because I only went with grey and taupe! It's so crisp, yet neutral and calming. I love it!)
Three of My Best Tips and Tricks for Creating a Successful Small Space::
1. Use double duty furniture and put storage wherever you can! Our bedroom would be hard to live with if we didn't have storage under the bed and in the nightstand, since we don't have room for a dresser and the closet is pretty modest for two people.
2. Use a somewhat continuous color scheme. All of our rooms (except one) are painted my favorite warm grey, Granite Boulder by Behr. When I was painting, part of me thought that was a super boring thing to do, but it makes the whole place seem a little more expansive and cohesive.
3. This one is hard for me: allow room for things to breathe, and keep things tidy and organized. Part of me is a huge "maximalist" with decor, because I love seeing vignettes where tabletops are just stuffed with a million cool plants and books and tchotchkes, but that is difficult to make work in a small space unless you are very, very tidy.