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Los Angeles, CA
Inspiration for my palette:
The wall color was snagged from a previous "Room for color" entry - Logan's "Cool and Collected" room from 2012. The pale grey he used was just the right warm-ish grey; I just went a few shades darker. The accent colors I used in the room happen to be all of my favorite colors - the couch is almost the exact color of the bridesmaid's dresses from our wedding.
Colors used in my room:
Grass green, blue, coral, grey, and white mixed with natural wood tones.
Wall color is Granite Boulder by Behr.
Tips for using color successfully:
I like to start with a fairly neutral, cool background so I'm free to layer fussier, colorful, and interesting elements. And why not use all your favorite colors, perhaps even the ones that you love to wear? Then you'll never get sick of it, and it won't be too trendy.
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