Rachel's Tree Mural

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A mural for the seasons. Inspired by the AT:NY post How to Paint a Tree Mural, Rachel tried her own hand using an easier method and with gorgeous results. Rachel writes, "Like me you probably bookmarked the thread planning to paint the mural once you finally got round to attending those drawing classes you've been planning to attend for 10 years."

We haven't taken those drawing lessons either, so we're grateful that Rachel has provided a easy, no-tape tutorial for her version of a tree mural...

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Her idea is to adorn the mural with different colored leaves for each changing season. She uses blu tack for the adornments (leaves, flowers, birds) so they are easily removed. She's also planning on turning the mural into a family tree and hanging framed photos so their baby can learn about his extended family which lives so far away.

Visit Rachel's blog, Waiting in the Capital, to find out how she made the mural. Amazingly, she reports that it only took her 4 hours to complete and at 9.5 months pregnant!

Check out Rachel's seasonal update here!

Thanks for sharing with us Rachel!

p.s. She also sews and sells really nifty softies in her Etsy store.

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