Radical Renters: When Renters Make Big Changes

Last week we all confessed our illicit apartment painting, and that was all kinds of forbidden fun — but what about the renters that take it a few steps further? Here are my favorite security-deposit-be-damned DIYS from the Apartment Therapy archives...

1.-4. Matt Makes His Tiny Rental Into A Home: Bold Matt painted the bathroom floor, ripped out his plastic shower surround so he could retile the entire bathroom, replaced his kitchen cupboards with open shelving, and painted his living room a bright blue.

5. Ellenkate & Tim's Clever DIY Loft: This amazing apartment features the couple's DIY loft, bar area, and 27-foot long light. But they maintain that "we could restore the apartment to its pre-Tim and EK condition in about 18 hours, if necessary."

6.-8. Sofia's DIY Garden Apartment in Brooklyn: The incredibly talented Sofia created the shelving and fireplace in her kitchen, as well as the fireplace and dining area in the garden. As if that weren't enough, she added shelves, hooks, and rich paint, thus converting the entrance into a mudroom.
9-10. Olivia's Rental Loft In Venice: Interior designer Olivia added Fornasetti wallpaper to her living room and reclaimed-wood shelves and an IKEA sink and countertops to her kitchen.

11. Jenna's Exposed Brick Studio: Small Cool 2014 featured Jenna's DIY vinyl tape kitchen and bathroom floor, and a full how-to and follow-up can be found on Jezebel.

(Image credits: Marcia Prentice; Alexis Buryk; Andrea Sparacio; Jezebel)