Rainy Day Tech: Gear, Games, & Gadgets

Rainy Day Tech: Gear, Games, & Gadgets

Sean Rioux
Sep 27, 2012

It's a cold rainy fall day, the kind of day where you just want to wrap yourself in a blanket and never leave your bed…

If you can manage to call in sick and stay home, you're going to need something to do all day, and if you absolutely have to go in to work you're going to need to gear up for the inclement weather. Got some nasty storm clouds headed your way? Stay dry with my rundown of rainy day tech gear, games, and gadgets.

Umbrella iPhone Skin

Sof Andrade, a designer selling her work on Society6, offers this charming umbrella design available as an iPhone or iPod skin (Society6 now offers iPhone 5 skins).

Waterproof Camera, Phone and Tablet Cases

Aquapac offers a wide range of watertight cases for smart phones, tablets and cameras. Great for a vacation at the beach, or in this case, for keeping your gadgets dry on a rainy day. These cases work great with touch screen devices, letting you interact with the touch screen through the thick protective plastic.

Galaxy Nexus Barometer
The Galaxy Nexus is a great phone by any standard, but with a built in barometer, the Google flagship smartphone might be one of the closest things we have to a Star Trek Tricorder.

Run Down Of High Tech Umbrellas

Hipster blog the The Coolist offers up a great rundown of fancy high-tech umbrellas, which include some interesting innovations on the traditional umbrella design, as well as some interesting gadget embedded umbrellas. My personal favorites from the list include the Lightstick Umbrella (basically a light saber umbrella), the very playful Cloud Umbrella, and the Pileus Internet Umbrella, which includes a small PC and projector to display a live feed from the web on the canopy.

Rainy Day Printer Craft For The Kids
If you have kids staying home with you on a rainy day, you're going to have to work hard to keep them entertained. This article from USA Today offers a rundown of rainy day printer craft to keep the little tykes busy using your inkjet printer, with everything from personalized color books to printable board games.

Rainy Day Wallpapers

If you're stuck at the computer all day, but you would rather be out splashing in a puddle, How-To-Geek offers a great rundown of classic rainy day desktop wallpapers. My personal favorite would have to be the two cats under an umbrella.

Online Board Games
Board games are always a rainy day favorite, and my personal board game of choice would have to be Settlers of Catan. If you've never played it before, be forewarned; it's really addictive. If you're stuck at home alone all day with no one to play with, you can hop online and play any number of board games either vs. computer players or against others. You can try out Settlers of Catan in your browser here, but of course so many board games have their online equivalents. Rainy day or not, I usually have a few games of Words With Friends on the go at any given time, which you can install as an app on Android, iPhone or even Facebook for browser games.

Rain Jacket Rundown

If you're not staying home to keep dry, you're going to need a good rain jacket. Living up north in Canada as I do, I'm incredibly well prepared for the cold, snowy winter months, but for some reason I always forget to pick up a good spring/fall rain jacket. If you're also in the market, Outdoor Gear lab offers up a great side by side comparison of men's rain jackets.

As for me, on this rainy day, I'm going to cosy up with a warm espresso and get some work done from the comfort of my couch. Don't tell my boss, but I may even throw on a favorite rainy day movie. Whether it's Indiana Jones, Back to The Future or Ghostbusters, a rainy day is a great time to put your feet up and waste your day on a classic movie trilogy. Have a suggestion or tips for how you get through a rainy day, either staying home or on your commute? Share you're rainy day tips in the comments section below!

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