Top Drip Coffee Machines: Ratio, Bonavita, Krups & One More

Maxwell’s Daily Find 03.19.15

Ratio Coffee Machine

• $480

Here are four machines that will make you an awesome cup and look good doing it. First up, the pretty one above.

Folks in Portland are serious about their coffee, and I appreciate that. Favoring the "pour over" method, which brings out the most in fresh ground coffee beans, this new machine is a Mercedes for your morning cup. Only available for pre-order (limited batch of 500 machines), the Ratio delivers water consistently at an ideal temperature of ~200° and carefully saturates the grounds with a unique showerhead design so that the "bloom" cycle is optimized for a more amazing cup of coffee. Three more below...

Top Drip Coffee Machines

Rated TOP by the same folks in Portland who make The Ratio as well as by The Sweethome, the Bonavita delivers a great cup of coffee because it maintains a steady temperature @ 200 degrees and has a showerhead that properly soaks the grounds.

I've always had a soft spot for Krups and this is their latest and greatest super pretty machine. Made with stainless steel, high-gloss chrome and wood, here's a shiny Rolls for your kitchen.

With over three thousand reviews on Amazon, top honors in 2011, and an under $25 price tag, this Mr. Coffee machine takes the pole position in my recommended list. Mr. Coffee consistently delivers popular machines with minimal bells and whistles.

(Image credits: Clive Coffee; Bonavita; Krups; Mr. Coffee)