Rave Review: Beloved Homes

Rave Review: Beloved Homes

Janel Laban
May 20, 2008

For one of my Mother's Day treats, we went and did a "twirl" through IKEA. It always makes me foolishly, unexpectedly happy to visit the big blue and yellow store - call me crazy, I just like it. On this trip, we picked up IKEA's coffee table book...

...and it is fantastic.

Featuring 9 great looking homes in Sweden, the photography is fabulous, as are the ideas presented. There is plenty of IKEA in the mix, but it doesn't feel like one big commercial, these spaces look loved and lived in.

And the intriguing (to us, anyway) personalities of the residents really come through in the quirky line drawing portraits that open each chapter, as well as through their belongings and interior style.

It's large format, 240 pages long, and no doubt, a book we will look at many times over - a total bargain at $9.99.

Available at selected IKEA stores (we got ours in Bolingbrook).

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