Razer Switchblade Hints at Gamers' Dreams Come True

CES 2011

Walking into the Central Hall at CES, it was easy to first be overwhelmed with the array of tablet devices being showcased at the Intel booth (more about that later). Yet it wasn't all the svelte profile devices without a keyboard that impressed us the most, but instead, it was a pint sized netbook concept from PC accessories manufacturer, Razer, that got the most wide-eyed stares amongst attendees. The Razer Switchblade is an Intel Atom-based device which might make gaming addiction that much more difficult to break, with a keyboard with a tactile keyboard whose layout changes dynamically according to which game is being played.

Take the Optimus Maximus keyboard, mix in an Intel Atom processor with a 7" touchscreen display, and a gaming optimized layout, and you've got the makings of the PC gamer's pocket-sized dream. The idea of tiny, customizable OLED screen keys isn't new, but the netbook specifically designed for gamers whet our appetite for miniaturized online/offline PC style gaming in netbook form (not to mention, future larger full laptop size execution of pro applications such as Photoshop). The Razer Switchblade is just a concept for now, but it was good enough to win the People's Voice award winner at CES 2011.