RB Rubber Products

RB Rubber Products

Jonathan B.
Nov 15, 2007

Think tires would make durable flooring? They absolutely do. While often used in athletic facilities, we'd like to see more recycled rubber flooring in homes and apartments. RB Rubber makes a wide range of products; most are made from recycled tires. Their products can be used as finish flooring indoors, or to isolate sound underneath hardwood floors in apartment buildings.

There are two things to keep in mind about recycled rubber products.

One: rubber smells like tires. Finishing the product as recommended reduces some, but not all, of the smell; if you have a sensitive nose, look to another product. Two: tires are bulky; rubber is heavy. Processing and shipping costs add to the final price; but remember, you're creating a market for waste.

Three of our favorite RB Rubber products are:

Zip-Tile, which is a thick, heavy, interlocking tile. Its weight keeps it flat on the ground without need for added adhesives, which means you can pick it up to take it with you when you move.

Silent Tread acoustic underlayment, which can be used under laminate floors to reduce sound transfer—a great option if you're in an apartment building that restricts hard surfaces.

Rolled Rubber (shown above) has many uses besides flooring: we've seen thin sheets used as a superdurable wall covering.

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beautiful image by szjamon via sxc.hu

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