RCA's "Best of Innovation" USB Wall Plate Charger

CES 2012

It's funny what you can find when you peek around the quieter corners at the CES show floor. Amongst the sexy showcases of "the future is now" technology like OLED or 8K resolution televisions, razor thin ultrabooks, and a dizzying amount of handheld tablets/smartphones are a few smaller solutions easily passed over. Here's one we think we believe a great many households not only may want, but can also afford...

RCA's USB Wall Plate Charger won this year's "Best of Innovations" CES 2012 award, and we could immediately see why once we unplugged the display unit, revealing a 2-port USB charger that fits into any typical household outlet for a retrofit design not requiring any additional setup. Instead of replacing the whole front face like other USB power port solutions, the RCA wall charger offers true "plug and play". Available in almond or white for $19.99, an affordable upgrade for the home office or for the home landing strip where you keep your handheld devices.