Reader Escapes: Kerry's Rocky Mountain "Great Escape"

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Name: Kerry
Location: Rocky Mountains
Description: In June, after 4 years in Los Angeles, my partner and I packed up our belongings and took off for a month of hiking and backpacking and exploring in the Rocky Mountains. Mark had just finished architecture graduate school, and I had just finished being the supportive-partner-of-someone-fully-enveloped-by-architecture-school. We were antsy to move somewhere with a bike culture, high quality of life, good food, and fun city vibe. We landed in Portland and promptly took our "great escape" before settling into our new home...

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...We spent most of our time in Glacier National Park, a place neither of us had been before but will surely return to in the future. We awoke to the sounds of waterfalls and rushing streams full of late-melting snow. We swam in glacial lakes and had our breath taken away by the chill. We hiked up and over passes that offered incredible views and a rewarding downhill on the other side. We ate huckleberries and made remarkably slow time on the hikes when fully ripe berries re-oriented our priorities. We got engaged on top of the highest pass we climbed and smiled for days! These photos offer a glimpse at a few weeks of pure escape!

Thanks, Kerry!