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Name: Mariah Location: Berkshire Mountains Lodging Link: No link, my family place :) Description: We visit the Berkshire Mountains every year. Our place, nestled in the New England woods, has been in my family for four generations and is shared with my extended family. The cabins aren't much to look at but the scenery is unmatched. No electricity and no cell phone service so it's sort of a forced separation from reality - it's glorified camping, really...
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...Our summers are filled with loud, happy, huge family dinners (as soon as we start the dishes for one meal we're planning the next), fishing, swimming, hiking, intense scrabble tournaments by candlelight, and blueberry-picking adventures. I always come away from my time there with a sense of complete peace. Batteries recharged, ready to tackle the real world again (but looking forward to next summer).
(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
Thanks, Mariah!


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