Reader Escapes: Kristin's Mexican Paradise

Reader Escapes: Kristin's Mexican Paradise

Aug 25, 2008

Name: Kristin
Location: Cozumel, Mexico
Link: Fiesta Americana
Description: This past June, my friends and I took a vacation to Cozumel, Mexico. The island is perfect for scuba lovers and snorkling. But my favorite part of the trip was just renting a jeep and driving around the island. Lots of natural beaches and beautiful sights. All I can say is...amazing!...

The first picture is one of the beaches. There was no one around except for a few locals and other visitors that rented jeeps as well. The water was crystal clear and surprisingly really warm. I loved the fact that you can just pull up off the side of the road and just walk onto the beach. It's so calming....

The second picture is of a street sign. These speed bumps are on every few blocks when you get closer to downtown. The symbol is so different than the ones you see here in NY, and it almost reminds me of the scalloped bricks that used to line the garden in my parents backyard.

I think the last picture is the best. Each beach usually has a small restaurant or hut with food and drinks. This particular one lined their banana leaf roof with t-shirts.

Thanks, Kristin!

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