Reader Project: A Hip Hedgehog Hideout

I'm a dog person. I used to be a cat person. I've never been a rodent, small-creatures-in-cages-person. That said, there's an obvious lack of cool things for smaller pets to play with. Even if you're like me and not into mice, hamsters or, in this case, hedgehogs, that doesn't mean they shouldn't have designer digs to hang out in.

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Amanda Kirk from San Antonio has watched diligently as we've featured all sorts of hip home items for dogs and cats alike, while her adorable little hedgehogs have suffered in silence with the lame plastic things they sell at the pet store.

Having had enough, she took matters into her own hands and crafted up a quick record store and French bakery for her small pets. They might not be designer, but they get used and are far more adorable and personable than store-bought options. It's a great reminder that if you can't find something you love, make it yourself!

Thanks Amanda!

Image: Amanda Kirk

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