Reader Project: Erin's Affordable Hanging Bookshelves

Reader Project: Erin's Affordable Hanging Bookshelves

Janel Laban
Aug 29, 2011

We got an email from one of our readers, Erin. She writes, "I did these awesome hanging bookshelves for less than a $150 bucks. I LOVE them, and thought someone there might think they're cool too!" Jump below for the story behind the DIY…

When we were at Lowe's, however, we realized that the brackets that could support the amount of weight necessary for a ton of books was quite expensive...not to mention rather ugly.

We were on our way out of the Lowe's, feeling somewhat defeated, but I had one of my medium freak-out moments - "Boyfriend, we have to get something for bookshelves tonight! So we can make them this weekend! So we can put our books up! So we don't have books all over the place when my parents come visit!" Argh!!

That's when he mentioned something about hanging on ropes, and the design just popped in my head. I drew it on a sheet of scrap paper on the car dashboard, and his engineering mind went to work thinking about rope strengths and wood lengths and fancy knots, and all that jazz. Don't we make a great team?

We picked up all of our supplies for just over $100 bucks at Lowe's which included the planks of wood, the galvanized pipe to wrap the ropes at the bottom, some wood varnish, and the hooks for the ceiling. Boyfriend already had some old climbing rope to use for hanging, though we had to go back later for about $30 bucks of manila rope, as well as some darker stain then what we had at the house.

Over at Erin's blog, The Runcible Spoon, she gives all the details on the building process.

Thanks, Erin!

Image: The Runcible Spoon

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