Reader Survey: How Many Pillows Are On Your Bed?

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Tuesday's blog on The 10 best Natural Pillow Alternatives has us jonesing for some of those kapok pillows. On our own bed we have four Queen sized feather-and-down-mix pillows, two per side. Simple. Utilitarian. But we're always curious about those people who have the whole pillow look going on...

You know: the neck rolls, some round pillows, maybe one of those things with the arms for reading in bed, a cute little square pillow with a saying on it or long needlepoint pillow with a bird silhouette. But then, the question of who's going to be reponsible for arranging all of those pillows during our already chaotic morning puts a full stop to our pillow dreams. That, and the fear of tumbling over the fine line between inviting and psychotic. So, we'd like to know: how many pillows do you have on the bed?