Reader Tip: Stylish Speakers

Reader Tip: Stylish Speakers

Mar 22, 2007

Young-Ho wrote to say: "Thought you might consider the following list of stylish floorstanding loudspeakers. Most floorstanding speakers are essentially wooden boxes with mounted drivers. Sometimes they're painted or lacquered, curved or nearly cylindrical, or made out of metal. Unfortunately, they're often placed in the least conspicuous locations, such as pushed up against the wall or into corners, which usually result in the worst sound. Most speakers sound better if they are moved away from the nearest walls. Although the following speakers may draw more notice if you pull them out from the corners, they're stylish enough that they can stand the attention."

B&W Nautilus
Podspeakers MiniPod
Duevel Planet
Shahinian Compass or Starter
Infinity Cascade Model Nine
Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 9
Martin Logan Clarity
JMLab Grande Utopia Be
Magnepan 1.6

Thanks Young-Ho! You've definitely convinced us that speakers can stand on their own as works of art.

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