Reader Tip: Connect-A-Mat

Reader Tip: Connect-A-Mat

Carrie McBride
Jul 23, 2008

Reader Molly H had a good tip in a recent Open Thread:

I don't want to spark another debate here about bright colours being stimulating for babies vs neutral colours being appealing to adults, but... while shopping at Target last week i saw in their 'college dorm' section a set of interlocking foam mats (like the alphabet puzzle piece ones you commonly see in very bright colours) in neutrals tan & dark gray as well as a bright, vibrant pink. $25 gets you 20 12x12" pieces. Maybe not quite as exciting as the Skip-Hop mats, but definitely more affordable. I heart the plain tan set, but since the tiles are blank, I imagine those of you who are more crafty could even do some sort of stenciling/painting to liven up the mats if you were so inclined.

Good thought, Molly H.! We do really like the Skip Hop Playspot tiles, but the Connect-A-Mats are considerably cheaper at around $20 compared to $70.

Target offers the mats in three colors (gray, tan and pink) and a combo pack of all three. Twenty dollars will purchase enough to cover twelve square feet.

We decided to look into this product a bit more and we also found that Lowe's sells green/black and blue/yellow combos online for about the same price. Has anyone seen these at Lowes and can tell us if they carry other colors?

We also found a website that sells fourteen colors of Connect-A-Mat for $1.80/sq. foot so you could make any configuration you wanted.

Do you have a playmat you love? Tell us about it.