Reader Project Update: How Does Paint Hold Up On Plastic Playhouses?

Reader Project Update: How Does Paint Hold Up On Plastic Playhouses?

Beth Callaghan
May 14, 2014
(Image credit: reader Lisa)

We've featured several amazing Little Tykes playhouse makeovers that require using a special spray paint for plastics. The question always comes up, though, as to the paint's durability. While the paints are specifically made to adhere to plastic, how do they hold up when faced with the elements and daily wear from kid activity? See for yourself how this blue and red makeover held up...

(Image credit: reader Lisa)
(Image credit: reader Lisa)

As you can see from the photo, this house is too small now for Lisa's son, but he's spent the last four years enjoying it and its paint job. According to Lisa, the paint held up really well:

Overall I would say that the spray-painted finish held up VERY well. Aside from some all-over dirt, and some worn spots on the roof (which I blame on rain, snow and falling leaves), the rest of the playhouse looked almost as good as it did 4 years ago. (I should also mention that I never did any touch-ups on the house while we had it.)

The family reluctantly recycled the house recently because it was outgrown, but they were delighted with how well the paint held up over the years.

Thanks, Lisa!

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