Reader's Art: Leela's Historical Home

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self-portrait and portrait of my husband, acrylic.

Welcome to Leela!

These are not great photos. I wish I knew how to take better ones, but I'm not a photographer at all. Still, here are a few pics of the art in my home:

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Over the couch. The large print is by Arnold Roth and once belonged to my father's parents. The black and white photo on the left is my mother's mother's family, in Poland before the war; most of them did not survive. The photo on the right is of two female musicians in either Egypt or Tunisia, around the turn of the last century. The painting in the right corner is a portrait I painted of a friend, and the lampshade was painted by me as well, just to see if I could do it.

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Over the bar. Upper left painting is a Rembrandt repro by my great-grandfather, Joe Gaylbird, a Russian immigrant who studied painting in Philly with a disciple of Eakins, lived above the family hat shop, played chess, and lived on a diet of hard-cooked eggs, burnt toast, orange peels, and black coffee, a diet to which he credited his long life. Sorry about the flash glare.

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