Reader's Bathroom: Tiffany's Redo in Lakeview

Reader's Bathroom: Tiffany's Redo in Lakeview

Heather Blaha
Mar 8, 2007

(Welcome to Bathroom Month! We're taking inspiring bathroom submissions from our readers. Join us. All info is here.)

Tiffany sent in a few before/after pics of her bathroom. With no patience for WHITE, here's what she had to say:

We bought our 1920 vintage condo in Lakeview last summer and the first thing we did was the bathrooms, I can't take just plain white! It was somewhat easier because we did not have to do any major structural changes... we had a blank canvas with white tiles and units.

I have to say that this was NOT the color I thought the paint was! It was my first attempt at painting, and I learned that it's true- you need to consider the light in the room! I was thinking it was more of a muted eggshell-like blue, but I do like the way it turned out. The color was actually inspired by 2 framed prints of orchids I got at the Brown Elephant for $4 each. I picked the color out from the background, and although the pictures are old, and warped, I like the look. The frames are what gave me the idea to use the gold dupioni silk drapes, to warm it up a bit and give the room some texture.

We took the cover off the gorgeous old radiator, and I think it really completed the look. Wish I had a close-up photo of that, the detail is amazing. The light on the floor is also from the Brown Elephant ($20! Love that place!) and now that it's up it really completes the room, it's cut crystal and the light it gives off bounces off the walls so nicely. And the rug was a gift from my father, bought in Egypt.

If we make any changes the only one would be to change out the tub for a lovely claw foot one, and maybe replace the floor tiles with something warmer, but I guess they are new, and fine for now...

Bathroom Before

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