Reader's Bathrooms: ClickChick in Denver

Reader's Bathrooms: ClickChick in Denver

Janel Laban
Mar 13, 2007

(Welcome to Bathroom Month! We're taking inspiring bathroom submissions from our readers. Join us. All info is here.)

Chick Click wrote and told us, "When I purchased my condo, my mom made that tsking sound with her teeth and said, "It doesn't look like you have any storage in the bathroom." She was right. All I had was one fabulous medicine chest and a cabinet sink that I thought was hideous!

After a year, I tore out the cabinet sink even though it was brand new. I had plans for a pedestal sink. Everyone told me that I would miss the storage. I don't. I do have a good closet in the hallway right outside the bathroom door so that's where towels, TP and other bathroom storage goes.

I was lucky to find the perfect pedestal sink at a going out of business sale for $48. So since the sink was practically free, I spent $150 on the faucet that I found online. ( I LOVE it!

Every unit in my building has the same bathroom, only the tile colors are changed, and many of them have new, full size pedestal sinks (or what I call ginormous) that are just too big for the room. I opted for a 'petite' sink and I'm so glad I did. Really, how much sink do you need to wash your face and brush your teeth? And, the smaller footprint for the sink makes the bathroom look more spacious.

Recently I borrowed Danny Seo's medicine cabinet solution (which was absolutely brilliant ... and reorganized mine! Everything in the medicine chest is used daily - once a week minimum.

On the opposite wall I installed shelves for daily use items that don't fit in the medicine chest. (since I have no drawers or countertops) My styling brushes fit in a galvanized flower can along side the hairspray, and I still have room for one or two pretty display items.

I didn't have to do or spend much to make my bath perfect for me.... unless you count the $1100 plumbing job I sponsored last week! Take away lesson... don't use Drano on 50-year-old galvanized steel pipes - and use a hair trap!

Also, I know some folks might balk at the tile color... but I just think of it as sherbert! I don't think it needs anything more that white walls, white towels and rug to offset it. The natural light makes the colors fun and cheery!

Thanks to ClickChick for sending the photos and tips of a vintage bathroom done right!

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