Reader's Bathrooms: Margi's 5 Year Experiment

Reader's Bathrooms: Margi's 5 Year Experiment

Maxwell Ryan
Mar 22, 2007

(Welcome to Bathroom Month! We're taking inspiring bathroom submissions from our readers and giving gifts in return. Join us. All info is here.)

Welcome to Margi!

When we moved in 5 years ago, I couldn't decide on paint color, so I let my friends and family draw on the walls. It has been a delightful project and has documented all who have come through the, friends, sub-letters, grandparents, etc...

It has made the youth feel free and the elders feel naughty, and brought much good cheer to all. These are the last days of the project as we are ready for a change and next week it will be covered with some wallpaper from Osborne & Little.

Thanks, Margi

ps. i didn't know if your readers would prefer a picture with or
without a boy peeing.
[We decided to not go in that direction, certain that that would only be adding logs to the fire ;-)]

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