Reader's Bathrooms: Marie-Gael's Velveeta Rescue

Reader's Bathrooms: Marie-Gael's Velveeta Rescue

Maxwell Ryan
Mar 23, 2007

(Welcome to Bathroom Month! We're taking inspiring bathroom submissions from our readers and giving gifts in return. Join us. All info is here.)

Welcome to Marie-Gael!

i'm in a victorian apt. the bathroom was the hardest room to tackle. the tenant before me was nasty (see more pics). there was stuff that looked like velveeta splattered on the ceiling, pee on the floor around the
toilet, peeling paint, streaked walls, & hair in the tub (& in the
ceiling "cheese)...

my bathroom is 6.5 x 4.5. it's odd & tiny. you can tell they've
moved things around b/c there is a soap tray above the toilet (i put a
q-tip box from ikea there) & a toilet paper holder (well, just a space
where it was) over the sink! it's funny. there's also a window in
the shower.

cabinet: because i organized, it actually gave me 2 EXTRA SHELVES!!!
i put took my makeup out of my bag (which cleared up the floor's box)
& was able to fit my irons in. & i think the picture box is a cute
touch. luctite boxes are from the container store.

green plants: these are sitting in a window inside my shower. i
frosted the glass so nobody can see in. they make me happy. i love
plants. the frost is from lowes. they have a kit. the frost from
ikea is a bit more see through. pots are from ikea. & i picked up
the succulants one day at whole foods. they were so adorable i had to
have them.

bunny: this lil guy is in my shower window. i saw him in po furniture
& just had to have him b/c it made me giggle. i think showers & baths
should relax you & make you happy. & if little details like plants or
a goofy bunny works, then do it. ps- po has a really great selection
of modern decor at great prices. i know there's one in columbus.

i have more pictures on flickr with explanations.



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